Lots of roles at the moment in contracting, and the arts and entertainment sector is making everyone happy

Candidates are keen for change, however are having to grapple with reduced salaries available and many organisations unsure what way they want to go in the interim –  permanent or contract?. Permanent selection continues to take take time as clients get buy in from a number of key decision makers and put candidates through rigorous processes. There is still permanent … Continue reading

Slow start in the job market but picking up now with new roles – great news if you are happy to contract!

Although the economy is slow to recover (and December/January went into quiet mode as staff took leave) the past few weeks at Profiler Recruitment has been busy as it has been for many candidates. Right at the moment we are seeing new roles created in the HR space to support busy HR Directors and Managers. These roles are to help … Continue reading

Change, change and more change – it does create growth in certain areas come July 1

What is going on? It must be gearing up for the end of financial year. IT and Telco companies are dividing, merging, acquiring and even growing. Still not too much from Financial Services as they plan for their next structural change. Service organisations providing consulting expertise we have seen a real kick start. Companies are no doubt looking at their … Continue reading