EOFY Action – Across a range of industries, is this a sign of things to come?

Things have been busy at Profiler Recruitment. Clients are getting busy with mergers and acquisitions, project deadlines are looming, employee records need to be tidied up and reported on, new HRIS systems are being implemented and have a way to go to being functional, events and marketing teams need extra hands on deck for fundraising – all ready for July 1.  So at … Continue reading

Easter Market Update – and a special event to consider if you reside in Melbourne

Contracting as a job option still sees to be the preferred route for new roles – a try before clients commit to an ongoing relationship arrangement. Profiler Recruitment has seen a recent surge amongst clients for short term contracts until the EOFY.  Skills across L&D, High Level Administration, Business Development, Payroll have been prevalent. With Easter coming up clients will be back … Continue reading

New Financial Year – How do you look?

I always feel somewhat like it is new year starting again when July 1 comes around. All the recruitment assignment and industry sector experience we have had over the last 12 months over a very volatile financial time will gear us up to help our clients and candidates over the next 12 months. It is also a good opportunity on a personal level … Continue reading

Job Movement – Up, Down, Sideways and some Planning

It has a busy week at Profiler Recruitment heading quickly to the EOFY. Range of roles have come in at lightening speed for Instructional Designers, Policy Developers, OH&S, Return to Work as specialist skills through to HR Managers/Business Partners to help keep businesses on track. There are also future plans for recruitment, workplace planning and capability development in the HR space which … Continue reading

Slowing down for the pick up – Short term work still the flavour

Two weeks ago I would have said things were so slow for business and job opportunities, it seemed to be that nothing was moving, businesses were keeping a low profile. It is heartening just right now – services clients are talking about growth, industrial clients are talking up manufacturing. Despite closures of businesses in  some sectors, businesses who worked with these … Continue reading

Productivity is the word, is the word…

I have been to a range of business briefings, luncheons, networking sessions recently where discussions have been about how to  get things moving in business, increase everyone’s salaries and opportunities and the word to achieve this seems to be to get productivity up. Productivity impacts a business’ cost of running, if productivity is slowed then things don’t get done – sales … Continue reading

Change, change and more change – it does create growth in certain areas come July 1

What is going on? It must be gearing up for the end of financial year. IT and Telco companies are dividing, merging, acquiring and even growing. Still not too much from Financial Services as they plan for their next structural change. Service organisations providing consulting expertise we have seen a real kick start. Companies are no doubt looking at their … Continue reading

Busy week leading up to EOFY – for many offers made and jobs created after change

It has been a busy week here at Profiler Recruitment  – we have seen a sudden increase across HR, Marketing and Senior Executive with an Operations bent. The roles are across utilities, hospitality, health, services and not for profit. Contractors have been offered permanent opportunities where they have been working and permanent roles are bedded down to offer stage. It must … Continue reading

Lying on LinkedIn can cost you your job and future – 3 top tips to confirm a potential candidates identity

Lying on LinkedIn or on any communication channel about your resume and background is not cool. Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson (after a push) resigned this week over a cv ‘error’ after it was discovered he brandished an IT degree to get the top job. It has been interesting watching the rise of LinkedIn where everyone posts their cv from work … Continue reading

Budget blues? There is work to do…..at any age

Amidst the uncertainty and promises from Canberra, Profiler Recruitment has had a busy week with clients – there are recruitment surges across the construction sector, and there are continued needs across hospitality and not for profit for HR and Marketing through to GM level.  Just a tip for candidates looking for work (and have been for a while), don’t worry there is activity, … Continue reading