Star Candidates November 2015

Have you got some exciting new growth plans for 2016? Do you need extra hands on deck and the HR expertise to boost your team’s productivity, knowledge and achievements? We have HR Contractors for you! With the holiday season approaching and 2015 quickly drawing to an end, we are all busy preparing for what is to come. Profiler Recruitment specialises … Continue reading

Market Update from Profiler Recruitment

Recently at Profiler Recruitment we have seen jobs ranging from HR Administrator, HR Adviser and Senior HR Change Specialist. This demand has come from the professional services and utilities sectors rise due to restructuring and a high level of change within the business. This looks positive for 2016, with a lot of talk around change this will create more opportunities for HR … Continue reading

HR Market Update from Profiler Recruitment – Specialist Skills in Demand

Just had to share with you our latest Market Update that we revealed at the national AHRI conference held in Melbourne last month – read on HR professionals….. Despite the official unemployment rates being at a 12-year high of 6.4% (Australian Bureau of Statistics, August 7 2014) Profiler Recruitment continues to flex with our clients and candidates to meet organisational requirements and professional … Continue reading

EOFY Action – Across a range of industries, is this a sign of things to come?

Things have been busy at Profiler Recruitment. Clients are getting busy with mergers and acquisitions, project deadlines are looming, employee records need to be tidied up and reported on, new HRIS systems are being implemented and have a way to go to being functional, events and marketing teams need extra hands on deck for fundraising – all ready for July 1.  So at … Continue reading

New Financial Year – How do you look?

I always feel somewhat like it is new year starting again when July 1 comes around. All the recruitment assignment and industry sector experience we have had over the last 12 months over a very volatile financial time will gear us up to help our clients and candidates over the next 12 months. It is also a good opportunity on a personal level … Continue reading

Slowing down for the pick up – Short term work still the flavour

Two weeks ago I would have said things were so slow for business and job opportunities, it seemed to be that nothing was moving, businesses were keeping a low profile. It is heartening just right now – services clients are talking about growth, industrial clients are talking up manufacturing. Despite closures of businesses in  some sectors, businesses who worked with these … Continue reading

Invisible – what do you mean? How not to be invisible in the workplace

While casually leafing through the pages of the Sunday Age enjoying a break down at the beach at the beginning of the year I was horrified to stumble across an article “Lost in the crowd – the older women get, the less attention they receive”. The article discussed a new social phenomenon “invisible woman syndrome”.  I was in shock to read on and found … Continue reading

Harassment is still widespread in the workplace – Work goes on, and back a winner

Working in a recruitment and career business such as Profiler Recruitment it was quite confronting to read the report from the Human Rights Commission revealing that sexual harassment is widespread in Australian workplaces, but we have not moved forward in addressing this issue. More people experienced negative consequences as a result of reporting sexual harassment.  Nearly one-third (29%) of respondents who … Continue reading

Education is the key to success – financial success in your career

Recent press confirms what I tell my candidates, education is the key to success. The word is out that by completing a university degree can add $1million to your total earnings over your lifetime. So if money is a driver for you then a bit of tenacity and application will get you there. As I explain to candidates when they … Continue reading

Increased Opportunities in Sydney/Canberra and HRIZON see you there stand 46!

With school holidays adding another dimension to juggling work and careers for our clients and candidates it has been a busy time at Profiler Recruitment.  It has been great to secure a number of key opportunities across health and energy organisations over the last week for L&D and OD roles for our contractors – a sign that business continues to need great … Continue reading