HR Market Update from Profiler Recruitment – Specialist Skills in Demand

Just had to share with you our latest Market Update that we revealed at the national AHRI conference held in Melbourne last month – read on HR professionals….. Despite the official unemployment rates being at a 12-year high of 6.4% (Australian Bureau of Statistics, August 7 2014) Profiler Recruitment continues to flex with our clients and candidates to meet organisational requirements and professional … Continue reading

Election weary – everyone keen to get work happening after September 7

All quiet but everyone is election weary and keen to get moving after 7 September. Clients are planning to get organised. Marketing we have seen a sharp increase in retail operations, graphic design to support new marketing communications strategies and marketing coordination roles. Across HR, companies are gearing up with recruitment specific roles and needs for HR generalists (up to … Continue reading

Definite movement in the job market – is it because of Rudd?

Since Rudd stepped up there has been a definite movement in the job market – just wondering if that is because his leadership challenge cooincided with the end of financial year, when budgets have been approved and companies are building in confidence to get things moving. We have seen a real increase over the last month across Learning and Development … Continue reading

Productivity is the word, is the word…

I have been to a range of business briefings, luncheons, networking sessions recently where discussions have been about how to  get things moving in business, increase everyone’s salaries and opportunities and the word to achieve this seems to be to get productivity up. Productivity impacts a business’ cost of running, if productivity is slowed then things don’t get done – sales … Continue reading

Invisible – what do you mean? How not to be invisible in the workplace

While casually leafing through the pages of the Sunday Age enjoying a break down at the beach at the beginning of the year I was horrified to stumble across an article “Lost in the crowd – the older women get, the less attention they receive”. The article discussed a new social phenomenon “invisible woman syndrome”.  I was in shock to read on and found … Continue reading

Harassment is still widespread in the workplace – Work goes on, and back a winner

Working in a recruitment and career business such as Profiler Recruitment it was quite confronting to read the report from the Human Rights Commission revealing that sexual harassment is widespread in Australian workplaces, but we have not moved forward in addressing this issue. More people experienced negative consequences as a result of reporting sexual harassment.  Nearly one-third (29%) of respondents who … Continue reading

Signs of Spring – Contracting is on the table

Twas the night before Christmas…..and there is movement afoot. At Profiler Recruitment we have been surprised at the number of enquiries and expressions of interest from professionals to explore new opportunities in the job market in December. We normally have this level of enquiry in January after the Christmas break however I think I can attribute this early activity to three … Continue reading

Are things that dire? Don’t get disheartened we have gone through slow times before.

I refuse to buy into the doom and gloom  despite how slow things may seem at the moment regarding the job market and economy. Yes there are fewer jobs at the senior level  just right now Yes there have been whole teams exited the business due to restructures, mergers and acquisitions Yes clients are holding off from significant projects – … Continue reading

Lying on LinkedIn can cost you your job and future – 3 top tips to confirm a potential candidates identity

Lying on LinkedIn or on any communication channel about your resume and background is not cool. Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson (after a push) resigned this week over a cv ‘error’ after it was discovered he brandished an IT degree to get the top job. It has been interesting watching the rise of LinkedIn where everyone posts their cv from work … Continue reading

GM’s and Leaders get ready, Structures are Changing

There seems to be a lot of planning going on around town at the moment, with special considerations around budget.  Many organisations are gearing up for change and will be looking for new leaders, bringing functions together and streamlining processes and effort. At Profiler Recruitment this week we have experienced increased needs across education, utilities and not for profit. Roles … Continue reading