EOFY Action – Across a range of industries, is this a sign of things to come?

Things have been busy at Profiler Recruitment. Clients are getting busy with mergers and acquisitions, project deadlines are looming, employee records need to be tidied up and reported on, new HRIS systems are being implemented and have a way to go to being functional, events and marketing teams need extra hands on deck for fundraising – all ready for July 1.  So at … Continue reading

Slow start in the job market but picking up now with new roles – great news if you are happy to contract!

Although the economy is slow to recover (and December/January went into quiet mode as staff took leave) the past few weeks at Profiler Recruitment has been busy as it has been for many candidates. Right at the moment we are seeing new roles created in the HR space to support busy HR Directors and Managers. These roles are to help … Continue reading

Clients are planning right up until Christmas and New Years Eve – Keep your resume up to date and your shoes shiny!

Many people say every year – you must be looking forward to a quiet wind down over Christmas and New Year at Profiler Recruitment. I’ll be honest. I would be worried if it was quiet – that means that there wont be any change, growth or opportunities for our clients next year and that’s not great for business. Clients often use these ‘quieter’ times to … Continue reading

Great news Profiler Recruitment continues to grow with great people – Welcome Clarence Charya to the team

We are pleased to welcome Clarence to the Profiler Recruitment Team. This is great news for all our clients and candidates, read on for more information on Clarence and how he can help you together with the team across recruitment, RPO’s. talent attraction ….just as a start Clarence Charya | Principal Bachelor of Arts Victoria University of Wellington (NZ) Dip Business … Continue reading

Slowing down for the pick up – Short term work still the flavour

Two weeks ago I would have said things were so slow for business and job opportunities, it seemed to be that nothing was moving, businesses were keeping a low profile. It is heartening just right now – services clients are talking about growth, industrial clients are talking up manufacturing. Despite closures of businesses in  some sectors, businesses who worked with these … Continue reading

Change, change and more change – it does create growth in certain areas come July 1

What is going on? It must be gearing up for the end of financial year. IT and Telco companies are dividing, merging, acquiring and even growing. Still not too much from Financial Services as they plan for their next structural change. Service organisations providing consulting expertise we have seen a real kick start. Companies are no doubt looking at their … Continue reading

Constant changes, short term gigs, plans afoot – things are shaping up.

It is already February, and Profiler Recruitment has been frantic as clients are back on deck after a great summer break (many took advantage of the slower times of 2012 and used their leave to come back to work super refreshed!) and talking to us about their plans for 2013. I had spent January reflecting and researching what the current economy … Continue reading

Busy start to 2013…..Internal Recruitment roles first off, good sign for everybody else

As clients return gradually from wintry Europe or the sandy beaches of Apollo Bay we have a had a busy start to 2013. We have seen a marked increase in on site recruitment roles which is a great sign that there are opportunities for potential employees both internally and externally.  These new positions with organisations seem to come from the winning of … Continue reading

Mergers, acquisitions, changes, movement at the top – market comment 23 November 2011

There seems to be a lot more activity in the job space one month out from Christmas. Opportunities for candidates looking for work seem to be coming out of the woodwork after a rather quiet couple of months. Roles around this week at Profiler Recruitment have been around OD, Recruitment (that is a good sign) and HR Generalists in the Marketing … Continue reading