EOFY Action – Across a range of industries, is this a sign of things to come?

Things have been busy at Profiler Recruitment. Clients are getting busy with mergers and acquisitions, project deadlines are looming, employee records need to be tidied up and reported on, new HRIS systems are being implemented and have a way to go to being functional, events and marketing teams need extra hands on deck for fundraising – all ready for July 1.  So at … Continue reading

Quirky roles in the pipeline – pull your expertise together and get it ready to wheel out!

Despite school holidays across a number of states Profiler Recruitment has been busy this week across utilities, IT, not for profit sectors….roles have ranged from HR Consultants, Business Partners,  – actually a lot around the mid level HR generalist skill set. Payroll has also been in demand this week.  Marketing role requirements have been from high level marketing administration through to sales, marketing … Continue reading

Invisible – what do you mean? How not to be invisible in the workplace

While casually leafing through the pages of the Sunday Age enjoying a break down at the beach at the beginning of the year I was horrified to stumble across an article “Lost in the crowd – the older women get, the less attention they receive”. The article discussed a new social phenomenon “invisible woman syndrome”.  I was in shock to read on and found … Continue reading

Constant changes, short term gigs, plans afoot – things are shaping up.

It is already February, and Profiler Recruitment has been frantic as clients are back on deck after a great summer break (many took advantage of the slower times of 2012 and used their leave to come back to work super refreshed!) and talking to us about their plans for 2013. I had spent January reflecting and researching what the current economy … Continue reading

Busy start to 2013…..Internal Recruitment roles first off, good sign for everybody else

As clients return gradually from wintry Europe or the sandy beaches of Apollo Bay we have a had a busy start to 2013. We have seen a marked increase in on site recruitment roles which is a great sign that there are opportunities for potential employees both internally and externally.  These new positions with organisations seem to come from the winning of … Continue reading

Signs of Spring – Contracting is on the table

Twas the night before Christmas…..and there is movement afoot. At Profiler Recruitment we have been surprised at the number of enquiries and expressions of interest from professionals to explore new opportunities in the job market in December. We normally have this level of enquiry in January after the Christmas break however I think I can attribute this early activity to three … Continue reading

Profiler Recruitment is celebrating 7 years this month!

Seven years ago this month Profiler Recruitment started the business out of a home office in Port Melbourne. Many of our candidates and clients will remember that time. The job market has certainly been interesting since 2005, with a GFC, two dips in the economy and interest rates dropping. The biggest change I have seen is how candidates use the internet … Continue reading

Does social media make a difference in getting a job? Profiler Recruitment Survey Results

There are ongoing restructures across government, retail and manufacturing (sad news this week about Darrell Lea) this means there will be more people in the job market who may not have entered the job market for many years. Times have changed radically in the job search market over the last five years and most of the change has been online. Not … Continue reading

Your career online – can lead to many new opportunities but can also be career limiting

Last week I wrote about how the market was jumpy with career opportunities in the consulting space as organisations outsourced and tenders were won and work is coming in. This week I am even more aware of how people’s career movements can be jumpy for different reasons . Promoting your professional career movements online when you get that new job is great … Continue reading

Lying on LinkedIn can cost you your job and future – 3 top tips to confirm a potential candidates identity

Lying on LinkedIn or on any communication channel about your resume and background is not cool. Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson (after a push) resigned this week over a cv ‘error’ after it was discovered he brandished an IT degree to get the top job. It has been interesting watching the rise of LinkedIn where everyone posts their cv from work … Continue reading