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Count down to Christmas – Roles are filled like Xmas stockings with an interesting observation

Everyone seems to be caught up with the mad rush to Christmas – unlike the year being relatively slower on the job front compared to other years. Not great news for SA and Vic with Holden pulling out of Australia – not a good Christmas present, raising issues around retraining, foreign investment and the future of products and services that can’t compete and innovate.

It has been great and timely news for many candidates securing roles just before the Christmas holidays as final selection decisions are made.  It has been an interesting observation of the roles filled by Profiler Recruitment over the last month that the final interviews have taken place by via Skype or video conference at very odd times of the day or night  – the majority of final decision makers have been based overseas. From Singapore, the US and UK these Heads of Global functions have been involved in local roles, it also reflects that Australia is truly becoming an important part of global operations.

Roles coming through this week are from the entertainment, retail and services sectors. Skills in demand are from training facilitation, sales management and customer service related roles.


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