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Don’t feel guilty – just do a great job and the rewards will come to you and your family

Every day, we hear stories from professional parents with young babies who are desperate to find flexible and meaningful work. Often they can’t continue
in their previous roles they had before they had the baby because their current
employer is unable to wrap their head around offering them part time or
flexible work arrangements. As a result many  employers consequently loses a loyal employee, with years of valuable knowledge, which is very costly and time consuming to replace.

As a young Mum I set my own business up six years ago so I would not miss sports days, school plays and speech days – these times are so precious and I did not want to miss them or detract from my professional profile,” explains Lynne.  Times have changed since I started Profiler Recruitment and our clients recognise the importance of flexible arrangements.

Profiler Recruitment is very passionate about understanding the demands of parents looking for a role they can be challenged and engaged by however with the ability to support their family at times which are special.

We tell our candidates to bring their kids in with them when they come to our office for an interview  if they are having trouble arranging care for their children to attend a meeting with us. We have a bag of toys in the office cupboard and there have been many times when we have had children doodling on paper on the boardroom floor while their Mum or Dad is talking us through their last merger or acquisition.

The team here has been known to conduct Saturday morning interviews and to walk children in their prams while their Mum or Dad is being interviewed by a potential new employer.  I never had family help when my kids were babies and I so much appreciated a helping hand from a friend if I needed to get something important done.  We are more than happy to help someone reenter the workforce without the hassles associated with doing so.

We are delighted to work with many flexible and contemporary employers. Whenever a client briefs us on a role, I always ask whether they will consider flexible work arrangements – they stop and have a think and more often than not the answer is “yes”.

On a personal note I will come back to work after visiting my son’s school for different events  so happy that I have been able to share that time. I value my work so much more because I do have that flexibility. You can’t put a dollar value on it, its worth more than money.

Anyone looking for flexible work needs to be:

>Accessible – via email/phone (business can still be conducted with a 2 year old sipping on a fruit box in the background)

>Flexible regarding salary – there are tradeoffs (less hours/less money and sometimes less responsibility)

>Clear about what part time really is for you  – 3 days/4 days/school hours

>Organised, skilled and confident – how could any employer not want that in the office, even for a few days a week.

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