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Profiler Careers announces a merger with CFCH


Profiler Careers announces a merger with The Centre for Corporate Health to provide a range of boutique career transition services

AUSTRALIA WIDE – With unrelenting disruption to the workforces of corporate Australia and continual restructures, mergers, acquisitions and downsizing, there is a growing requirement for quality career transition and outplacement services. Profiler Careers, in recognising this need, announced this week they are margining with the Centre for Corporate Health to launch a boutique suite of career transition services under the brand Centre For Corporate Health – Careers. This new service offering, acknowledges the growing demand by Australian organisations for quality career services including career transition or outplacement, career and vocational assessment, executive coaching and building resilience.

“Working with the Centre for Corporate Health and accessing their well regarded psychological consulting experience, will enable our clients to successfully manage career transitions. The Centre for Corporate Health understands what matters to the individual and ensures that each person is supported to build resilience through a challenging experience,” says Lynne Payne, founder of Profiler Careers.

The Centre for Corporate Health is well known throughout Australia, as specialists in providing boutique psychological and educational services that address the prevention, management and treatment of mental health issues together with a focus on building the emotional resilience of individuals and teams.

“Our mission has always been to help individuals and organisations reach a deeper understanding of the ways in which they can improve, accomplish more, and have more satisfying relationships, at work and in their lives generally,” says Centre for Corporate Health Co-founder and CEO, Tony Bradford. “The success of our business has been built on our ability to tailor specific solutions to meet each individual client’s needs. Whether that is psychological assessments, workplace interventions or training, coaching and consulting services and Centre For Corporate Health – Careers will be no different. Clients have told us they are tired of the “cookie cutter” approach as offered by the big players and they don’t want pre-packaged products and a set contract of service. Every career transition is different and requires an individual approach. In launching Centre For Corporate Health – Careers organisations large and small will be able to tailor specific solutions to suit their individual needs & budgets.”

Centre For Corporate Health – Careers consultants are senior psychologists with a wealth of experience in the field of career transition; they have the practical skills, wellbeing support and knowledge to strengthen the personal resilience that is required to succeed through career change and transition. Laurena Moore, registered psychologist, is the National Program Manager and has extensive experience in providing tailored career transition and outplacement services to organisations.

Providing a holistic service that focuses on overall employee wellbeing and improving mental health has proven beneficial to not only the individuals progressing through a career transition, it also provides positive outcomes for the organisation and the people who remain. By supporting everyone through the change process, from the delivery of the initial news of restructures, mergers, redundancies or redeployment, to coaching individuals into their new career, the organisation is sending a message to all involved, and those who remain, that the organisation cares about the wellbeing of its staff.

Tony Bradford’s top three tips to support people during career transition are:

  1. Have a structured approach and routine to follow
  2. Use the support, facilities and skills of specialists (particularly if your organisation has a career transition program)
  3. Stay in touch with colleagues, friends and associates, past and present and let them know what you are looking for – the informal network is often the way in which positions get filled.

For more information on Centre for Corporate Health – Careers services please contact:

Laurena Moore, National Program Manager
Level 5, 68 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000
T 1300 47 37 45
E lmoore@cfch.com.au

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