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Just in case you didnt make it to the AHRI National Conference in Sydney last week…

Here is a market update, what we discussed with many who stopped by our stand at the AHRI Conference last week at Darling Harbour- this week focussing on HR….

With unemployment climbing to 5.7% (July 2013), and a federal election looming,  it may appear that business isn’t in  great shape. What we are seeing at Profiler Recruitment is  lots of change in how clients plan and source employees – and how they engage and reward them. Working in HR and supporting employees during these times takes  resilience  and dedication.

Over the last 12 months since the last national AHRI Conference, Profiler Recruitment has experienced the following along with our clients and candidates:

•Budgets have been cut and projects completed, with not many in the pipeline (hopefully this will change after September!)
•Companies are merging, acquiring, moving down the road or interstate.
•HR teams have been restructured giving HR professionals at all levels of experience opportunities to take on more and learn.
•HR salaries for similar roles 12 months ago have shifted down.
•There is a 50% split between HR permanent and contracting roles. We consider this interesting as usually during times of economic slowdown contracting dominates. This can be a reflection of the fewer projects started due to funding, so extra hands on deck are not required.  We are finding that many clients  prefer the permanent work position  (maybe at a lower salary rate than would have been offered for a similar role a year ago) and they complement this with value added company benefits with the view to creating a long standing productive relationship and commitment to the company.
•The number of HR roles in regional areas has increased, particularly across health and utilities.
•We have seen a growth in organisations providing real expertise across their workforces over the last 12 months.


HR Skills in Demand

Specialist skills are needed to get the job done at the moment such as Remuneration, Instructional Designers,  Policy Development, OH&S, WorkCover as an example in the HR space – not really the glamorous part those who are not into it would say, but critical to the functioning and bottom line of an organisation. Remuneration skills have  not been in demand for a while and for the first time in several years are being highlighted by clients as a real need, from benchmarking exercises to salary reviews.  Salaries were pitched against company performance when times were good and sales targets were high but as a result of the economic times, things have changed. Sales can be difficult to attain in certain markets (causing some discontent as bonuses cannot be granted) and organisations can’t afford to continue to bring in new staff  at current salary levels for the role. Thus HR professionals with Remuneration skills are very handy.

There are also future plans amongst our clients for positions across recruitment, workplace planning and capability development roles in the HR space which is good news for businesses Australia-wide.

Industry Updates for HR Professionals

Earlier this year I would have said  things were slow for business and job opportunities, it seemed that nothing was moving and businesses were keeping a low profile. It is heartening just right now – services clients are talking about growth, industrial clients are talking up manufacturing. Despite closures of businesses in some sectors, those who worked with these organisations, are confident they will pick up work from other clients in that sector – work still has to be done.

Clients are talking about a busy and productive 2014 so the next few months may just be about getting the right people in place to deliver on these initiatives  and setting up the right infrastructure and processes to get it right for success. Clients have been talking about new roles that will be created to manage these plans – so fingers crossed this is good news for the economy and those candidates who have been waiting for things to shift so they can progress their careers.

Next blog will give you an update re jobs in the IT, HR and Marketing space.

One thought on “Just in case you didnt make it to the AHRI National Conference in Sydney last week…

  1. A really helpful update Lynne. Thank You. Confirms what I have been hearing anecdotally from other sources.