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Election is over – phones are ringing….

The phones have been ringing and there is the sound of ‘ping’ around the office as emails are coming in from clients asking for help and assistance. Clients are asking “do you have candidates with this type of skill set?”,  “if we were to do this work can you source these people in these states?”. Clients are in heavy planning mode now, now the election is settled they can make plans. Many roles still need sign off and approval to engage, and that is why the contract employment alternative is very appealing to clients to get the work started. Many candidates are also entering the market, fall out from such a prolonged down turn so hopefully with some business activity work will come their way soon.

Roles this week came from the not for profit and utilities sector mostly. Fundraising, marketing coordination, organisational development, recruitment focus (that’s a good sign!).

PS. I don’t normally deviate from the normal updates of career and market challenges – but there are many challenges that come our way. Could you please look at “Save Locky’s Dad. Provide Nick Auden access to the PD1 drug on a compassionate basis” on Change.org. Here’s the link:


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