Star Candidates November 2015

Have you got some exciting new growth plans for 2016? Do you need extra hands on deck and the HR expertise to boost your team’s productivity, knowledge and achievements? We have HR Contractors for you! With the holiday season approaching and 2015 quickly drawing to an end, we are all busy preparing for what is to come. Profiler Recruitment specialises … Continue reading

Profiler Recruitment Market Date 27 Jan 2011 – Not much high end senior work, how about part time?

There hasn’t been a flurry of high end senior positions in January this year compared to the activity in December. What we are seeing at Profiler Recruitment this week is a sharp increase in mid level roles – however on a part time or contract basis. Extra arms and legs are needed for a variety of business needs  – to implement new … Continue reading

Profiler Recruitment Market Update week ending 18 November 2011

There seems to be lots of exciting things happening across teams at the moment – parental leave planned,  extended holidays,new projects given the green light, recruitment drives – and as a result at Profiler Recruitment we have seen a sharp increase in the need for contractors on a short term basis just this week, from 2 days to 12 months.  … Continue reading