Definite movement in the job market – is it because of Rudd?

Since Rudd stepped up there has been a definite movement in the job market – just wondering if that is because his leadership challenge cooincided with the end of financial year, when budgets have been approved and companies are building in confidence to get things moving. We have seen a real increase over the last month across Learning and Development … Continue reading

Job Movement – Up, Down, Sideways and some Planning

It has a busy week at Profiler Recruitment heading quickly to the EOFY. Range of roles have come in at lightening speed for Instructional Designers, Policy Developers, OH&S, Return to Work as specialist skills through to HR Managers/Business Partners to help keep businesses on track. There are also future plans for recruitment, workplace planning and capability development in the HR space which … Continue reading

Invisible – what do you mean? How not to be invisible in the workplace

While casually leafing through the pages of the Sunday Age enjoying a break down at the beach at the beginning of the year I was horrified to stumble across an article “Lost in the crowd – the older women get, the less attention they receive”. The article discussed a new social phenomenon “invisible woman syndrome”.  I was in shock to read on and found … Continue reading

Busy start to 2013…..Internal Recruitment roles first off, good sign for everybody else

As clients return gradually from wintry Europe or the sandy beaches of Apollo Bay we have a had a busy start to 2013. We have seen a marked increase in on site recruitment roles which is a great sign that there are opportunities for potential employees both internally and externally.  These new positions with organisations seem to come from the winning of … Continue reading

Mergers, acquisitions, changes, movement at the top – market comment 23 November 2011

There seems to be a lot more activity in the job space one month out from Christmas. Opportunities for candidates looking for work seem to be coming out of the woodwork after a rather quiet couple of months. Roles around this week at Profiler Recruitment have been around OD, Recruitment (that is a good sign) and HR Generalists in the Marketing … Continue reading