Read what our clients and candidates have said about Profiler Recruitment.

I am so thankful to the team at Profiler Recruitment for giving me the opportunity to work with them. Initially I was placed on a contract for six months and was then extended for another three months. This was an important opportunity for me to grow my HR Career here in Australia.

All the guidance and support given by Profiler Recruitment throughout the entire assignment is much appreciated.


Profiler Recruitment can be considered as a leader in the industry where they make candidates feel really at ease, respected and valued to unleash their fullest potential. It was really a pleasure working with and for the Profiler Recruitment team. I wish all the very best to team Profiler, in reaching the pinnacle of success.


Profiler is a shining star and stand out operator in an industry that is generally lacklustre. With a personality larger than life, Lynne and her team made me feel both respected and valued. It has been a pleasure working with them.


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the entire Profiler Recruitment team, who have been so caring and have done their best to help me to find the right job at the right company.

They have always tried to keep me positive and have always been very patient. They have directed me in every step and today I am just glad that I went for the temporary job they got me a few weeks ago. I have successfully completed the period as a temp and have been offered a full-time position within the same company.

Once again, thank you so much!


My experience with Profiler Recruitment has been exceptional. Lynne and the Profiler Team have been extremely cordial and steadfast at all times. They all have taken interest not only in placing me but also focused on building a long term relationship, which is why I find Profiler Recruitment very distinctive.

I definitely would recommend Profiler Recruitment to my networks.


Profiler Recruitment is unique, the people are warm and friendly and have a real interest not only for placing you in a role but also for you as a person


I have recently begun a fantastic role that complements my skill set as well as offering some great personal and career development.  Profiler Recruitment  provides a very positive candidate experience – from the initial meeting to register through to putting you forward for a role and supporting you throughout the interview process. Profiler Recruitment provides a very professional and personable service and places a focus on building a positive relationship with both the candidate and the client and I would happily recommend them.

Michael, HR Professional

Following my recent successful placement, I simply must write to thank you and the  Profiler Recruitment team. This has been my best recruitment experience ever!  I had just started to look for a part-time job when Profiler Recruitment swept me off my feet – you got me an interview in no time, and a terrific position only a few days after that.  From my first contact I knew I had come to the right place.  All interactions with your staff were friendly, professional and effective.   I can’t recommend Profiler Recruitment highly enough.


Thanks so much Libby for your kindness and positive energy when dealing with me… you were a breath of fresh air compared with other consultants I dealt with. Had at least three examples of consultants not contacting me further when my job application didn’t go any further. Amazing way to treat people!

Instructional Designer

Libby and the team at Profiler have been probably the best agency I have dealt with in my career. Having worked in the agency environment myself, I understand what it takes to provide a good service, and Libby always went above and beyond to assist me. She took the time to understand my needs, and treated me with respect throughout the process. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone, and think that Profiler’s success is directly due to their amazing staff.

K.N., Recruitment Specialist

I just wanted to say,  that I really appreciate your professionalism and continued assistance with job opportunities for me. It is truly a breath of fresh air from other recruitment services I have known and used. I hope you will also pass this on to the team as you should be congratulated regardless of me being placed by Profiler Recruitment or not I will recommend you to all that I can.

N.O., HR Manager Regional Victoria

 I just want to share with you a great story that I have heard about Libby recently.  Last Friday I caught up with an ex banking colleague, who is now Head of HR of a  large organisation.  My colleague told me that Libby is highly respected and regarded in the HR community – he shared a story how Libby assisted a HR manager score a role with a high profile bank.  He used the word ‘brave’, ‘courage’, and ‘daring to be different’ to complement Libby’s professionalism.  The HR Manager does not know Libby in person, but speaks highly of her work through the word of mouth received from others.

Through my personal dealings with Libby, I have also found her to be consistently friendly, helpful, and would recommend her to my circle of friends.

A Profiler contractor in the traffic.

This was my first dealing with Profiler Recruitment and it was a very enjoyable experience. I have dealt with numerous recruitment firms in my short career and have often felt like an inanimate object rather than a person. This was not the case with Profiler Recruitment, without having to announce myself I was welcomed by name at reception. I like the focus on efficiency coupled with a willingness to adapt new technology. An important aspect of the process is communication; even though this recruitment process was a short one, Celeste was constantly providing updates via email and phone.

While some might comment these are small things I felt these small details were handled well, it was a pleasure dealing with Celeste and we achieved the end goal as I was offered a terrific position with a great firm. Thanks for all your help, I will continue to recommend your services.

D.M., HR Business Partner

Libby has done a great job – you guys are so easy to do business with and always pull a rabbit out of the hat at lightning speed! Thanks so much.

HR Director, Hospital Group, Melbourne

My experience with Profiler Recruitment has been absolutely flawless. Highly professional and warm staff whom I felt really took time out to get to know me as a person and my skills sets; resulting in very successful work placements for both contract assignments, and now a full time position. Recruiter Celeste Brack, whom I would highly recommend to both job seekers and employers alike, was always available, actively working on my behalf and clearly loving her role – this gave me such confidence in her, and I found her a truly inspiring person. Founder Lynne Payne, my initial contact, was also a joy to work with and infectiously enthusiastic. I would not hesitate to recommend Profiler Recruitment to anybody.

J.H.,  Profiler Recruitment Candidate, Contractor, and now in a permanent role that she loves

I have gained employment through Profiler Recruitment, and couldn’t be happier! Celeste was very friendly and professional to deal with, and understood my experience and the direction I wanted to go with my career. The role I was placed in was a perfect fit for me, and I am very happy here, both with the company and the great team I am working with.

E.B., Executive Administrator

The team at Profiler has provided great support and provided exceptional candidates to the Services group.  The thing that distinguishes Profiler from the pack is their genuine approach in supporting both candidate and client sides.  They are led by one of the most dynamic and passionate recruiters I have ever met, Lynne Payne.

D.A., GM Channels & Operations, NFP Organisation

We’re thrilled to have her start and I’m sure that she’ll be just the breath of fresh air that we need to get our learning programs moving along.

Thanks so much for your assistance with this process. You provided us with a really excellent shortlist of candidates that were very well suited to our needs both in terms of experience and personality. We’re very grateful; you made the search so much easier!

All the best, and I’m sure we’ll be in contact again in the future.

B.W., Health Group

I would like to thank you for the opportunity of interviewing with your client.  I am truly grateful and humbled to receive an interview last week and am extremely committed to pursuing this  opportunity.  The position as you have highlighted would be a very close match to my stage in life, my obligations at the home front and loads of opportunities to grow and make it my own.

As you know the job market is extremely competitive at the moment. An employer from an organisation regretfully mentioned to me recently that with 60 applications for a job that I was interested in submitting an application for, that I may have missed out on an opportunity with the organisation.  She did however suggest putting my name down with Profiler Recruitment explaining your organisation to be a really good, quality agency where she knows strong candidates go to seek for work.

Given the work you have put in me, the reputation you have in the industry and the incredible opportunities on offer – thank you.


The initial meeting with Sarah Ingram at Profiler Recruitment was a revelation after experiencing months of apathy and disinterest from many others in the industry. Sarah, along with Lynne Payne, were prepared to put in the time to listen and guide my thoughts in my quest to broaden my career opportunities, and proactively took a role in sourcing opportunities whilst providing direction for other channels I could utilise. Sarah very quickly put me in touch with a potential employer, and I’m now three months into a rewarding career in a challenging new environment. I cannot recommend highly enough Profiler Recruitments approach and drive in seeking a positive result, and their personal care and attention. Thanks very much!


I would like to express sincere thanks and commendations to the staff at Profiler Recruitment. I found that the customer service provided by Lauren was excellent and established a very good impression for me. Regarding Libby, she was engaging, upbeat, honest, and surprisingly, nothing at all like my previous experiences with recruitment consultants.

Thank you Libby for your remarkable insight into my skills and suitability, for evaluating my personality and attributes with uncanny precision, and for helping me on my next big step.


A senior HR practitioner friend of mine recommended Profiler Recruitment to me after my own HR role was made redundant.

Lynne was able to meet me the same day that I made contact and was wonderfully enthusiastic and supportive. After chatting for a while, Lynne thought that I would be a good match for a role that she had available. I ended up working at that site as a contractor within mere days of our meeting and within a month I accepted the permanent role. I believe it’s a great fit for me and my employer!

Lynne and her team have been a breath of fresh air and I have found myself in full-time work in a ridiculously short time!!

Just wanted to say a big thank you for finding our new HR contractor for us. She is great, she knows her stuff and gets on with it. She is taking us places we only thought we would get to in 3 months and she’s done it all in 3 days! I told her so yesterday but thought I would let you know too!

HR Director

All the team at Profiler Recruitment have been fantastic to work with and have listened to my goals every step of the way. I have been placed in two separate contract roles by the Profiler team and both opportunities have been perfect for me and have seen me join growing and dynamic HR teams.

You have been great and both contracts have been really fantastic opportunities for me.


Profiler Recruitment have helped me kick-start my career after I graduated from university in May 2010. I completed the Bachelor of Management with a HR major at the University of Ballarat, and in my final year I was fortunate enough to undertake a business internship across a number of different hotels in 2009 and 2010. This enabled me to gain some first-hand experience in the HR department whilst still studying at university. Upon completing my degree, I gained a casual HR job for a Hotel Group in Balart; however as a graduate my ultimate goal was to gain full-time employment in a large-scale organisation in a position that would enable me to develop my HR skills and to be challenged on a regular basis.

I found gaining a full-time HR entry-level role very difficult. Months of applying for jobs followed by interviews and knockbacks was at times very frustrating and disheartening. I often thought “when will my time come”? and “will I ever get that elusive HR job”? Thankfully, after about six months of applying for jobs, I was fortunate enough to meet the team at Profiler Recruitment after originally going for a role with one of their clients. Profiler kindly offered me 2 days a week doing recruitment administration work and within a couple of weeks Profiler Recruitment placed me in a contract-based role on a part-time basis with one of Profiler Recruitment’s clients.

I am now gaining some excellent HR / OH&S experience at one of Melbourne’s major hospitals and not a day goes by when I don’t think how lucky I was to meet the team at Profiler Recruitment. It certainly helps to have them on side, as the opportunities to kick-start a career in HR are certainly available if you know the right people. If you would like to get the edge over other graduates and launch your HR career, then I cannot recommend highly enough registering with Profiler Recruitment. Their motto of getting people noticed is more than just a fancy corporate slogan – you will get noticed and hopefully like me, a long and successful career is not far away!


I look forward to making a positive contribution and am eager to start work next week. Thank you for remembering me when there was a possible suitable situation for me. I appreciate the opportunity and have proven to you and myself that I am ready to move on to a more challenging role. I am so glad to have met you.

C.L. OD practitioner

I appreciate your effort in coordinating this role for me. Thanks for all the hard work. You have all been very professional and I am very happy to have met with you. Once again THANKS for everything.

HR Coordinator

Just wanted to thank you for your support and efforts in helping me secure my role here. I have never been so happy to come to work. You are the best.

L.H., Telecommunication

Could I please take this opportunity to say, THANK YOU!!!!

Profiler Recruitment you were fantastic during our meeting and your management of introducing me to your client has been outstanding. I have never in my entire career, experienced a recruitment agency which is so professional, yet so personal.
I felt safe, respected, and inspired.

Words will never explain how I felt when I left your office.

Thank you


Just wanted to thank you for your support and efforts in helping me to secure a permanent role here. I have never been so happy to come to work! Although I am not a contractor for Profiler Recruitment anymore please don’t be strangers.

Regards L.B.

I first made contact with Profiler Recruitment when I was working overseas in Japan, I emailed explaining that I would soon be home and was looking for a role in Human Resources. Shortly after arriving home I took a fixed term contract with a Petroleum company but Lynne stayed in contact and when I told her that I wanted to target a particular global resourcing company, she told me she would see what she could do. Little did I know that after having this conversation on a Friday afternoon that she would ring me back within two hours to advise me that I had a phone interview on the following Monday! After the phone interview I was then flown up to an interview in Queensland and was successful in landing an amazing job with the world’s biggest resourcing company! I am now working as Human Resources Advisor on a mine site that is the biggest and lowest cost producer of silver, lead and zinc – a challenging role in an environment that I had not previously considered. Flying to work is certainly a lot more interesting than catching the Melbourne tram, though the steel cap boots take some getting used to!

Dealing with Lynne was an absolute pleasure at all times, her sense of humour, her ability to “think outside the box”, and her commitment to finding me the job of my dreams was certainly appreciated and outside the normal “recruitment agency” experience that I have encountered. I have no hesitation in recommending Lynne and the services of Profiler Recruitment and look forward to working with Lynne in the future.


I just wanted to say an extra BIG thank you to for your support of me since my first meeting with Profiler Recruitment. As you know I have not been working for the past 6 months and have had contact with several agencies in this time. You have been the only agency that has maintained regular contact with me and treated me with much dignity and respect, rather than just being another CV across your desk. Thank you for keeping my confidence up!


I just wanted to say thank you again for all the help. The honest feedback and advice you gave me originally at our first meeting was much appreciated as was your encouragement and support in applying for the role I now hold.

After working with the same company for over 20 years and then having a period of not working, I found myself being pigeonholed when applying for permanent roles in new companies. Taking up the option to do a stint contracting was the best thing I could have done, even though you had to talk me into applying initially. A 6 week initial contract just continued past the supposed end date and became indefinite. I adopted the mindset that I was gaining valuable experience in a totally different industry and didn’t worry at all about how long it was going to last. I became quite comfortable in the knowledge that if this role finished I could go and do something elsewhere.

After 3 months, I was offered the role permanently and accepted. If I had seen the role advertised as a permanent vacancy previously, I probably wouldn’t have considered it or been considered for it. Working in it as a contractor, gave me an opportunity to get a feel for the role and the people and gave them a chance to do the same with me.

Almost 5 months in and I’m really enjoying the role.

Thanks again S.G. 

Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful support you recently provided to me while I was seeking to secure a management role in HR.

When I saw the position advertised I immediately thought this is the perfect role for me, but had a few reservations when I discovered the recruitment process was through a recruitment agency. I was soon to discover that Profiler Recruitment had nothing in common with other agencies I had used in the past.

Once I decided to make the initial contact and left a message, you called me back within a few hours. You provided positive feedback when I described my current role and encouraged me to forward a resume.

A few days later in a relaxed environment we had a chat about my skills and experience over a cup of tea, this lead to another interview with the employer and a subsequent job offer. The dream job had now become a reality.

Your personal approach and support helped me to achieve a great role and for this I thank you.


Thanks for taking the time to speak with me…it was refreshing to speak with and meet a recruiter who is helpful, friendly and positive regarding my experience.