provides base IT&T services at fixed rates for specific outcomes. These services focus on ensuring that your infrastructure works for you and supports your business. CATTS provides end-to-end (turnkey) services that include;
* maintenance
* networking
* connectivity
* application/software
* security
* training
* documentation


provides Help Desk/Call Centre Facilities, either as an outsourced facility or implementation of internal facilities. Further, this stream also provides;

* ad-hoc System Administrators
* 3rd Party Maintenance
* Preventative Maintenance


provides cloud services to establish/maintain your web presence. It focuses on making your online representation of your business work for you and communicate the strengths and services you provide;
* Domain Name Management
* Website design, marketing, hosting, optimisation, strategy
* Branding and design
* Copywriting
* Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
* Analytics and reporting
* Content Management System (CMS)
* Form ‘submission’ development
* Blog integration (blog planning, blog writing and posting)
* Social Media marketing
* eCommerce (shopping cart)
* Membership subscription
* Responsive layouts for all devices (desktop, tablet, smart devices)
* Administration and training


provides business analysis for the creation/evaluation of business process and the automation of these processes. Some examples of workflow automation services include;
* ITIL Compliant Infrastructure Management
* Service Request Management
* Configuration & Asset Management
* Change Management
* Service Desk – Incident & Problem Management
* Quality Management – ISO and TQM
* Service Level Agreements
* Contract Management – Financial & Service Contracts
* Knowledge Management
* Automation of existing processes (i.e.; Annual Leave, Expenses Management, Personnel Management


encompasses the entire IT&T infrastructure and provides services to document all aspects. Simply documenting the IT infrastructure itself, whilst important, is not enough. GUARD-IT provides a structured approach to;

* Security
* Human Resources
* Procedures & Policy
* Change Management
* Anti Viral
* Electronic Mail
* Industry Compliance
* ISO Compliance
* Disaster/Business Recovery

CATTS-IT also supplies hardware, software and networking infrastructure components at competitive rates. All products are best of breed and provide best value for money.